CEO’s Greetings
The four-leaf clover is a symbol of good luck originating from the anecdote that it saved Napoleon from the fire of the battlefield. 

It is said to have been regarded as a precious and sacred plant in the shape of a cross from the Middle Ages. The rarity of 1 in 10,000 raised the value of the four-leaf clover and people's desire for it.

Products related to four-leaf clover are available but one-offs are the mainstream. Also, the growth of the relevant market is limited as there are no large-scale suppliers to meet when there is demand.

Food Clover succeeded in cultivation of four-leaf clovers for the first time in the world by applying a natural breeding method without the use of genetically modified or radiation.

By successfully developing and cultivating natural varieties, we have overcome the problems of supply and demand in the clover market. In addition, we presented a new solution to the market with the concept of “edible” clovers.

Our cultivation is a selective breeding method in which four-leaf clover stems that have been naturally mutated from wild clovers are collected and cut.

By repeating this process, we independently developed a variety with a high proportion of four-leaf clovers.

New varieties developed with selective breeding have been registered with the Korea Seed & Variety Service for protection of varieties, which ensures the continuation of plant variety rights until 2033.

Food Clover, an agricultural corporation, will continue to supply safe four-leaf clovers and related products to customers and consumers.

Thank you.

In-Heon Hong, CEO of Food Clover, Agricultural Corporation


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